Thursday, May 20, 2010

Closing Down 1and1, Finally!

Warning! I am finally moving my last domain,, to GoDaddy. I've waited this long because this domain hosts all my examples and I wanted to spare everyone from the pain as long as possible.

Well, last night the domain was transfered to GoDaddy and will be down until GoDaddy can bring it back up in my new hosting package.

Sorry for the blackout - but, it is all for the best.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Is UI or AI more important in board game programming?

Board games with a great UI with such a poor AI that you can always win with half your brain tied behind your back. Or, Board games with a great AI with such a poor UI that it is almost physically painful to play.

We've all seen both.

We've all played both.

But what about the great/mediocre combinations? Where should developers spend their time? Perfecting the AI or the UI?

Obviously, (from all the professionally produced board game programs I purchased over the years) the UI sells units.

But, it is the AI keeps you playing. And its the AI that convinces me to buy when the program can be downloaded for a demo. I just recently experienced that with
Empire Builder Pronto. The UI is mediocre ... to be kind.

But the UI! Wow, I have not been able to beat the AI yet and that is why I plunked down the cash to buy the game.

So, all you board game programmers out their: make sure the UI is playable, but make your AI as tough as you possibly can!