Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First impressions from MIX09

Well, I'll been here in Las Vegas for 36 hours and I'd just like to say that I've never stayed at a hotel where the employees are as helpful and pleasant as here at the Venetian.

The first session of the pre-conference was fantastic: Semantic HTML and Unobtrusive JavaScript presented by Nate Koechley

The second session, on the other hand, Cascading Stylesheets presented by Molly Holzschlag was atrocious. After the first two hours, we had covered what anyone can learn about CSS from a book in the first ten pages. Quite a few attendees, including my team, left the presentation early. (Hint Molly, you do not need to repeat war stories more than six or seven times)

So, with the main conference starting tomorrow, MIX09 is batting 50%.

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