Wednesday, October 14, 2009

free web templates

Note: I've added a label: "Free Template" for all my posts relating to converting free CSS XHML web templates to Asp.Net web projects.

Ok, Why are there no websites offering free web templates? Is there no market?

There are tons of websites offering free xhtml/css website templates. Nearly all of them have licenses that allow compete freedom to alter it as long as you give credit to the creator. So, nobody can say that there is no material.

So, is it because there is no need? The way I see an web template offering is an web project with a master page with ContentPlaceHolder's sprinkled throughout so that a user of the template could get an website up and running quickly.

I'm not talking about anything as detailed as the starter kits from Microsoft, just simple templates, like the ones all over the net, but configured for

So, tell me, would a site like ... say ... be a site that anyone would use? Tell me your opinion, you just may start me on a new hobby!


Anonymous said...

Jeez I've been thinking tha same thing for the last 4 years. Seems like an obvious thing by now...good idea.

Lee Saunders said...

Thanks - great minds think alike! :-)

I might as well look around for a simple CSS XHTML web template and see how hard it will be to convert it to an ASP.Net project.

I'll post when I get a working sample.

Unknown said...

i am also working on it bro...lets try...

Lee Saunders said...

I think that the most needed part of a "free ASP.Net web template system" is a website to allow users to upload, download and comment on templates.

With that in mind - who wants to start